Sonny Leung
Sonny is known by public the No. 1 Chinese MC in Toronto. He is one of the very few who contributed in building up the wedding MC industry back then when the concept of a wedding MC was first introduced in Toronto. Therefore, Sonny is considered as the first generation wedding MC in Toronto. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Sonny is specialized for hosting all types of events which includes wedding banquets, anniversary banquets, birthday banquets, company banquets, mall shows, community events, etc..

Sonny's unique style of hosting and his well known singing skills has became a signature of himself. As he is not just a host, but also a singing performer who has been invited to do performances in various occasions. Though his singing is well known and accepted in the community, one of his famous
Dad 1
quotes is : "I only perform with the permission from my client or when the guests ask me to, my performance are only there to entertain rather than taking over the wedding banquet. The stars of the banquet will always be the bride and the groom!!".

Sonny is also the art designer for all the decorations in the company. As a former art director of Hilton Suites Hotel in Hong Kong and with over 30 years of experience in the art industry, Sonny is capable of customizing all the decorations that our clients requests in order to meet our client's tastes and expectations.