Ricky is specialized in speaking bilingual (English & Cantonese) at wedding banquet events. He is one of the very few English/Cantonese MC in Toronto who can do two languages in a 50/50 portion, professionally!! Ricky quotes: "It doesn't matter who the majority ones are, if my client ask me to speak in two languages, than I shall give it out in equal amounts just so no one in the banquet will feel left out".

With over 17 years of experience in the industry Ricky is capable of tailoring each and every little detail and customize activities in a wedding banquet from the beginning to the end. Based on the expectations of his clients along with their preferences and tastes, Ricky will make sure that all the activities in the banquet will be comfortable and entertaining for both his clients and the guests.

Ricky is also a performer just like Sonny who does singing performances in various occasions. He started off as a DJ and became the youngest in the industry who went on the stage as a wedding MC, then he gained the experience and knowledge for wedding event organizing from bottom to up. Since he also has the experience and knowledge as a DJ, he is the one who provides complete training for his DJ team members. All the DJs in the company are chosen and trained by Ricky.

If you are looking for a young professional wedding MC with the skills and experience from over a thousand weddings then you can highly consider who you are looking at right now.