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When a couple seeks for something to spice up their banquet, music and sound will always be the first thing to look for...

Equipment Amp 2
Our professional audio/visual services include the use of professional audio output/input equipment along with our computerized media library where a wide range of music selection are available. Our clients can apply our service to not just for announcements and background music, but for dancing and karaoke as well. If clients require to play slideshows or personal videos, projector and giant screen setup are available.

Equipment Mixer 1
For every function, we will provide a professional technicial, also known as DJ, who is capable of doing setup, operating, and dismantling of our equipment. Our clients can simply relax and enjoy our professional entertaining service. After all, music and sound are always the spine of important events at all times.
We use only the best professional equipment for our services. In order to provide the best possible quality sound for our clients, we combine our fine equipment with our professionally trained & well experienced DJs.