We have succesfully in partnership with Golden Court where a exclusive privilege has been given allowing us to cater in various banquet halls and hotels with Golden Court's fine banquet menus.

Chinese catering has played a very important role in Asian weddings for the past 10 years. In Toronto, the majority of banquet halls and hotels does not have in house Chinese chefs nor the appropriate kitchen equipment to produce a complete Chinese banquet due to the fact that those halls and hotels was not meant for Chinese food when it was built at the beginning.
Back in the days, the only choice to have a Chinese wedding banquet was to go to a Chinese restaurant. But as time goes by, the newer generation were attracted by banquet halls and hotel banquet rooms due to their western culture theme and privacy. Privacy doesn't kick in most of the time when you pull your wedding banquet in a Chinese restaurant because chances are you will either end up sharing the restaurant with another couple pulling another wedding banquet on the other side or with regular dine in customers.

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The concept of catering was design for newly weds who wants to spend their big day at a place of their preference not limited to Chinese restaurants and yet enjoy Chinese banquet at a fine dining level. Where the best of both worlds are fulfilled.

We provide complete catering service. From booking venue, selection of menus, food production to food transport, food arrangement, table arrangement, banquet servers all in one. We have a wide selection of banquet menus available or we can tailor banquet menus base on various preferences.